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Battery Conditioners

DIAG-Startium 60-24 Starter /BSU 12v only / Conditioner / Charger 12/24v
DIAG-STARTIUM 60-24 is a 3 in 1 advanced battery maintenance system providing everything that is needed for the modern workshop.
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GYSFlash 100.12 Battery Support Unit / Conditioner / Charger 12v
Gysflash 100-12 HF is a 100A high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology with 5 functions
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GYS Startium 480E Professional Starter / Conditioner / Charger 6/12/24v
STARTIUM 480E is a Starter Charger that is able to charge AGM/Gel (Stop/Start) Liquid batteries and to safely start modern vehicles.
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GYSFlash 8.12 All Battery 8A Conditioner / Charger 12v
The GYSFLASH 8.12 is specifically designed to charge all types of’ 12V batteries such as cars, utility vehicles, motor homes or trucks. It features an 8 step intelligent charging curve for an optimal charge; as well as a «Supply» mode to support and maintain showroom vehicle batteries.
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GYSFlash Heritage All Battery 6A Conditioner / Charger 6/12v
The GYSFLASH HERITAGE 6 A is specifically designed to charge all types of 6 and 12 V batteries such as classic motorbikes and cars. Also compatible with many modern vehicles, it features an 8-step intelligent charging curve and a specific mode to charge small capacity batteries from 1.2 to 15 Ah.
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GYS Batium 15.24 Workshop All Battery 15A Conditioner / Charger 6/12/24v
The Batium range controlled by microprocessor guarantees you the maximum effectiveness and security.
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